A Mother’s Legacy and the Future of AB219 in California

In 2013 Bren Flowers appeared at the capitol building in Sacramento, California to give testimony on bill AB219. The bill would provide relief for cancer patients by placing caps on the cost of life saving medications. The bill was passed and it has been a blessing to many who are facing not only a health crisis, but a financial crisis due to the high cost of cancer treatment. The bad news for AB-219 is that it comes to an end when the bill’s sunset clause expires in 2019. A new bill, AB-18-60 has been proposed to continue the benefits without the expiration date. To champion this bill, Milan Flowers will travel to the California State Capitol this week to testify in honor of her mother. We want to thank Milan for her contribution and for taking a stand for others who are suffering. Good for you, Milan!

More on this here from Stefani Booroojian


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